Light, non-greasy continuous spray sunscreen for sensitive skin prone to prickly heat
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Techniblock® SPF50+ Sunscreen 340ml x 2 + 1 FREE 75ml Spray

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2 x SPF 50+ 340ml
1 x SPF 50+ 75ml
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  1. Forget thick, sticky creams and lotions and try Techniblock® SPF 50+ Sunscreen
    Lightweight protection without the hassle

    A modern yet powerful sunscreen offering non-greasy, fragrance-free, water-resistant protection for very fair skin that's prone to burning, Techniblock is quick and easy to apply and lasts for 8+ hours, even after swimming!

    Very high protection
    Long lasting - 8+ hours
    Suitable for sun-sensitive skin
    Free from oils, emulsifiers, colourants, parabens and fragrance
    Instantly absorbed, very resistant to water and sweat

    Note: The SPF 50+ trigger spray has now been replaced by the twist-top, lockable button lid

  2. With an SPF rating of between 56 and 61, it offers high protection and contains photo-stabilisers to boost performance and anti-oxidants to enhance the skin's natural defenses against harmful UV rays.

    Drying instantly on the skin to form an invisible but lightweight barrier that's so comfortable to wear, you won't believe you're wearing sunscreen!

    Oil and fragrance-free, this breathable sun protection will not block pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin, significantly reducing or even eradicating the symptoms of prickly heat rash.

    Protection is delivered in a continuous, cooling aerosol spray that works upside down, providing effortless all over application, even on the scalp.  There's no need to rub it in and one application will keep working to protect your skin for several hours, offering great value for money and convenience.

    The absence of oils and emulsifiers stops the nozzle from becoming clogged up and the sealed, pressurised container prevents leaking.

    Developed and manufactured in a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory in South Africa, Techniblock has been protecting people's skin for more than 10 years.

    Providing broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection, Techniblock has no expiry date because it's an aerosol and, once opened, the formula will not be compromised, remaining stable in its airtight canister.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Have used Techniblock for many years now, never burned, no prickly heat, would not use anything else.
Carole M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product, provides great protection, easy to apply - highly recommend.
Keith E.
Shopping Satisfaction
This is a repeat purchase as I am extremely happy with the quality of the sun block and the service provided.
Clive A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product.
Gloria C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Easy application and provides strong protection in the water.
Cristin L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Brilliant. Use this on my children who live in the pool on holiday, they love it as its so simple and quick to apply and protects them all day long.
Julie M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product.
Terry P.

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